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Welcome to Lizcano Bridal!

With the latest styles from the most distinguished designers, you will surely find the perfect dress for your occasion.

We carry an extensive collection of invitations to compliment your preference and taste.

We are proud to offer a variety of accessories that you wouldn’t normally expect to find all in one place. Save time, money, and reduce stress by choosing from our selection.

Customer Testimonials!

“Great people. Staff was awesome, smiles, and a lot a truth. My mom could not go with me only my significant other was there when I order the dress. The seamtress and manager acted like the voice of reason(it was like I had my mom and dad right there with me.) So to me it seem like sometimes the maturity of the client can make or destroy the experience.”

-Katya M.

“I’ve been shopping with Lizcano Bridal for decades. I got married in 1983, I had my daughters Quinceanera there, she later got hitched there, and now I’m returning for my 30th anniversary. I really feel like they care about their customers. Carmen even remembered me. Since I moved further away I considered shopping somewhere closer. I read so many bad reviews from different “fancy boutiques” and after walking into a few places and feeling like I was not worth their time since I told the staff I had a budget, I decided to make the trip to Lizcano. Although they did have bad reviews, which I found amazing considering the “at least” 30 years they’ve been in business, I remembered why I went there 30 years back; Great service and fair prices. I will never consider going anywhere else again.

-Crystal L.

“I went to a few places in North Dallas and was treated like a Queen but when the prices were revealed, I realized why. I then drove to the Jefferson area and amongst all of the bridal stores there, Lizcano Bridal was the most professional and I received the same quality service as up North and a much better price for the same dress I wanted. The choice was simple, I’m now a loyal customer.”

-Michelle S.